Serial Barat (F)

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FBI (Missy Peregrym, Jeremy Sisto, Zeeko Zaki)

Season 1 : 4 DVD 22 Eps , Season 2 : 4 DVD 19 Eps

Genre : Crime, Drama, Mystery
Country : USA
Original Channel : CBS
Original Release : September 25, 2018 –present
Procedural drama about the inner workings of the New York office of the FBI, bringing to bear all the Bureau's skills, intellect and mind-blowing technology to keep New York and the country safe.

Fear The Walking Dead (Kim Dickens, Cliff Curtis, Frank Dillane)

Season 1 : 2 DVD 6 Eps , Season 2 : 4 DVD 15 Eps , Season 3 : 4 DVD 16 Eps
Season 4 : 4 DVD 16 Eps , Season 5 : 4 DVD 16 Eps

Genre : Horror, Drama
Country : USA
Original Channel : AMC
Original Release : August 23, 2015 – present
Set in Los Angeles, California, the series follows a dysfunctional family composed of high school guidance counselor Madison Clark, her English teacher boyfriend Travis Manawa, her daughter Alicia, and her drug-addicted son Nick, at the onset of the zombie apocalypse.[5][6] The four must either revamp themselves or cling to their deep flaws as they come to terms with the impending collapse of civilization.

Femme Fatales (Tanit Phoenix, Catherine Annette)

Season 1 : 3 DVD 13 Eps, Season 2 : 3 DVD 12 Eps

Genre : Thriller
Country : USA
Original Channel : Cinemax
Original Run : May 13, 2011 – present
About powerful, sexy and dangerous women inspired by and styled in the tradition of pulp stories, film noir and graphic novels. The half-hour program features stories inspired by such noir classics as Double Indemnity and Pulp Fiction and classic thriller TV series like The Twilight Zone (1959). In each of stand-alone episode, women find extraordinary ways of coping with their problems, channeling their survival instincts and bringing out their inner guile. Every episode is introduced by a mysterious and enigmatic host, Lilith, played by Tanit Phoenix, and features different casts and storylines, some of which are intertwined as part of the series overall mythology.

Forever (Ioan Gruffudd, Alana De La Garza, Joel David Moore)

Season 1 : 6 DVD 22 eps

Genre : Crime Drama, Fantasy
Country : USA
Original Channel : ABC
Original Run : September 22, 2014 – May 5, 2015
Dr. Henry Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd) is a New York City medical examiner who studies the dead for criminal cases, and to solve the mystery of his own immortality. Since his first death 200 years ago while working as a doctor in the African slave trade, Morgan disappears almost immediately each time he dies, and returns to life naked in a nearby body of water. Having also stopped aging, Morgan's long life has given him broad knowledge and remarkable observation skills which impress most people he encounters, including NYPD Detective Jo Martinez (Alana de la Garza). Flashbacks depict events from Morgan's life, during which he has fought in wars and been married, dissected, and hanged for heresy; when he has been exposed, Morgan has fled to somewhere else in the world. Only antiquarian Abe (Judd Hirsch), whom Morgan and former wife Abigail found as a newborn in a German concentration camp during World War II, knows that he is immortal. Morgan is stalked by a murderer, "Adam", who has learned his secret, and claims to have had the same "curse" for 2,000 years.

Friends (David Schwimmer,Jennifer Aniston,Courteney Cox,Matthew Perry,Lisa Kudrow)

Season 1 : 3 DVD 24 Eps , Season 2 : 3 DVD 24 Eps , Season 3 : 4 DVD 25 Eps
Season 4 : 4 DVD 24 Eps , Season 5 : 4 DVD 24 Eps , Season 6 : 4 DVD 25 Eps
Season 7 : 4 DVD 24 Eps , Season 8 : 4 DVD 24 Eps , Season 9 : 4 DVD 24 Eps
Season 10 : 3 DVD 18 Eps

Genre : Sitcom
Country : USA
Broadcast Network: NBC
Broadcast Period: September 22, 1994 – May 6, 2004
The first season introduces the six main characters: Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross. Rachel arrives at Central Perk after leaving her fiancé Barry at the altar and moves into Monica's apartment with her. Ross constantly tries to tell Rachel that he loves her, while his lesbian ex-wife, Carol, is expecting his baby. Joey is shown to be a struggling actor, while Phoebe works as a masseuse. Chandler breaks up with girlfriend Janice (Maggie Wheeler), who frequently returns in later seasons. At the end of the season, Chandler accidentally reveals that Ross loves Rachel, who realizes that she feels the same way.

Frontier (Jason Momoa, Alun Armstrong, Landon Liboiron)

Season 1 + 2 +3 : 6 DVD 18 Eps

Genre : Historical, Period Drama, Action, Adventure
Country : Canada
Original Channel : Discovery Channel (Canada), Netflix (international)
Original Run : November 6, 2016 – Present
The series chronicles the North American fur trade in late 1700s Canada, and follows Declan Harp (Jason Momoa), a part-Irish, part-Cree outlaw who is campaigning to breach the Hudson's Bay Company's monopoly on the fur trade in Canada.


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