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Earth God And Earth Grandmother (Patrik Tam, Monika Mu, Cici Liu) 6 DVD

Genre : Drama
Release Year : 2013
Country : China
No Synopsis

Emperor Kang Xi/Kerajaan Kang Xi (Vicky Zhao, Zhang Guo Li ) 3 DVD

Genre : Drama, Romance
Episode : 28
Release Year: 1999
Emperor Kang Xi's Private Visits is a series about the Qing Emperor Kang Xi and the adventures he goes on when going on trips out of the palace. Vicki Zhao playing the daughter of a medicine man that the emperor ends up falling in love with.

Fairy Fox/Hu Xian (Qiu Ci Xuan, Chi Shuai, Fan Shao Huang) 5 DVD

No Synopsis

Fairy From Wonderland (Ariel Lin,Hu Ge,Tae) 5 DVD

Genre: Fantasy, romance, comedy
Episodes: 39
Broadcast network: CTV
Broadcast period: 2006-Feb-07 to 2006-Mar-09
This drama is a retelling of the well-known love story between a goddess and a mortal.Goddess Xiao Qi commits a major crime. She is punished by having her powers stripped away and is banished to the mortal realm. She can only regain her goddess status by accomplishing 100 charitable acts. Dong Yong rescues her and teaches her what it's like to be a mortal. However, she also learns how to love even though love is forbidden between goddesses and mortals. When their love affair is discovered, heavenly guards descend onto the mortal realm to separate the two lovers. However, they are willing to do anything to stay together.

Fairy Lake (Gong Mi, Johnny Chen, Kelly Chu) 7 DVD

Kisah difilm ini sendiri bisa dibilang sebagai "sequel" dari Ancient Legerd, karena bila certia di AL berasal dari kitab "Shan Hai Jing" yg merupakan ensiklopedi kisah2 dari mulai terciptanya dunia, jaman purbakala hingga dinasti Xia (dinasti pertama di Cina).Maka cerita di Fairy lake ini berasal dari kitab Sou Shen Ji karya Gan Bao yg berisi dongeng dewa-dewi dari dinasti2 awal sampai dinasti Han(ke2 kitab tsb; Shan Hai Jing & Sou Shen Ji merupakan literatur tertua ttg mitologi China…tidak heran folktales & novel2 yg lebih modern spt Feng Shen bang, Journey to The West, Liao Zhai dll banyak mengambil logika dan teori dari ke2 kitab itu)

Female Constable (She Si Man, Jiang Hong) 6 DVD 34 Eps

No Synopsis

Female Prime Minister (Zhao Li Ying, Chen Xiao, Qiao Ren Liang) 7 DVD

Genre: Period drama, romance
Episodes: 40
Broadcast network: Hunan TV
Broadcast period: 2013-May-08
To escape her cruel stepmother, Lu Zhen enters the palace as an attendant. She was quickly promoted through the ranks for her pottery-making skill. During this time, she captures the heart of crown prince Gao Zhan. However, she can never be with him as social status and jealous enemies work against her at every turn. She devotes herself to politics and helps Gao Zhan defeat a coup d'etat. Though Gao Zhan can not make her his empress, he bestows her with the highest position in the land, the female prime minister.

Fist of Fury (Donnie Yen, Yee Man Man, Eddy Ko, Benny Chan) 3 DVD

Genre : Kungfu
Episode : 30
Broadcast network : ATV
Broadcast Period : 1995
No Synopsis

Fong Sai Yuk 2011 (Yang Zi, Ashton Chen, Yuan Qiu) 5 DVD

Genre : Wu Xia,Ancient Drama
Episode : 36
Legend of Fong Sai Yuk menceritakan tentang Fong Sai Yuk yang merupakan tokoh ternama di Guang Zhou. Dikenal dengan sikapnya yang suka berkelahi, sembrono tapi baik hati, lincah, cerdik dan selalu berusaha menegakkan keadilan. Agar Fong Sai Yuk memiliki tubuh yang sehat dan kuat, sang ayah mengirimnya ke sekolah bela diri Shaolin di Hang Zhou. Di sana ia bertemu dengan tiga orang yang memiliki kepribadian khusus dan akhirnya menjadi sahabat dekat.

For The Sake Of Beauty (Patrick Tam, Michelle Yim, Li Tai Lan) 7 DVD

No Synopsis

Fox In The Screen (Hao Ze Jia, Liu Xin, Luo Leo) 4 DVD

Genre : Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Supernatural
Episodes : 22
Broadcast Network : Sohu TV
Broadcast Period : 21/12/2016
Painter Zheng Xue Jing accidentally acquires a magical pen and frees three foxes from a screen. She becomes involved into their world because from that moment on. She's their master.

Fox Volant Of The Snowy Mountain (Gillian Chung, Athena Chu, Alex Fong) 10 DVD

Genre : Wuxia
Episode : 40
Broadcast network : ATV
Broadcast Period : 2006
Raised by his father's loyal servant, the talented swordsman Hu Fei grew up knowing that he must avenge his parents' death. However, the closer he got to his father's enemy, the more he discovered that his parents' death wasn't as simple as it seemed.

Free Sword (Zhao Li Ying, Han Dong, Ye Zu Xin) 5 DVD

North Song Dynasty, profiteers Su Guangping want to reap the proud dragon baozhu stone loudly property proposed marriage requirements have been suspect Su Guangping and twenty years ago, the family murders stone loudly selected the Su concubines, daughter Su Huaner as the marriages object. The Su Huaner fleeing forced marriages fallen off a cliff. To intrigue able Baidu Audio proceed smoothly, the Su Guangping coercion looks somewhat similar illegitimate daughter Yang Yi Liu on behalf of married Huaner. Pure, smart, a good strong personality of Young Italian Liu in the stone house suffered cold,taunt, but thieves struck saved the Miss Shi Jiasi stone no time, cleverly defused
stone house three young master stone ..

General And I (Angela Baby, Wallace Chung, Gan Ting Ting) 7 DVD

Genre : Romance, Period
Episodes : 62
Broadcast Network : Hunan TV
Broadcast Period : 2017-Jan-03
Story of star-crossed lovers caught in the turmoil of war.

Ghost Catcher 2012 (Ou Yang Chen, Wang Yan) 6 DVD

No Synopsis

Ghost Dragon Cold Mountain (Kenneth Ma, Pierre Ngo, Power Chan) 5 DVD

Genre : Period, Martial Arts
Episodes : 30
Broadcast Network : TVB
Broadcast Period : 2014-Jun-30 to 2014-Aug-08
The Tin Kei Agency of the Northern Song, an investigation agency specializing in solving strange cases in the kingdom, is headed by the wise Fung Nam Tin, who leads a group of extremely well-trained constables. His favorite apprentice, Chu Cheung Sing, is wisdom and courage embodied in one, but Nam Tin and Cheung Sing end their partnership when they fail to come to a consensus on how to solve a particular case. Cheung Sing ends up leaving the agency to live a simple and peaceful life with his wife, To Fa.Ten years later, the aging Nam Tin orders three of his most-skilled apprentices – Ma Chuen Kung, Ngau Dai Lik, and Yeung Mau – to reach out to Cheung Sing and convince him to return. Cheung Sing agrees to work with the agency again, but his personality often clashes with his three partners, causing the four to frequently fight. Meanwhile, Cheung Sing is separated from his wife, but his feelings become conflicted when he ends up meeting a prostitute who looks exactly like her.Cheung Sing learns that the opposing Jurchen kingdom has placed a mole within the Tin Kei Agency and his good friend, Hung Sap Kau is exploited by the enemy. Cheung Sing does not know whom to trust. The line between friend and foe continues to be blurry.

Ghost Writer (Steven Ma, Linda Chung) 4 DVD

Genre : Period
Episode : 24
Broadcast network : TVB
Broadcast Period : 2010-Jun-07 - 2010-Jul-09
PO CHUNG-LING (Steven Ma) was born in Jinan a family of New Year print. He is very bright, his father, PO POON (Yueh Hua), has therefore always hoped that he could one day carry on the family business. LING, mistakenly thinks that POON is working in collusion with some corrupt officials, refuses to listen to what his father says. His good friend, KO JIT (Chan Kam Hung), is a constable and he hates corrupt officials as much as LING does. Rumor has it that a fox spirit is creating troubles in Jinan. LING is almost killed when he is investigating into the matter with JIT. Fortunately, a mysterious girl named LING WU SIU-TSUI (Fala Chen) comes to his rescue in the nick of time. It turns out later that she is the fox spirit, and that she saves LING so as to return a past favor. As they spend more and more time together, TSUI starts to fall for LING.The PO family has secured a large order of New Year print. To ensure the work can be finished in time they have to hire a large numbers of female workers. LAU SUM-YU (Linda Chung) applies for the job, but her real intention is to look for the man who was unfaithful to her sister, never knowing that she would later be caught in a love triangle with LING and JIT.

Gilded Chopsticks (Joey Meng, Ben Wong, Nancy Wu) 4 DVD

Genre : Comedy
Episodes : 25
Broadcast Network : TVB
Broadcast Period : 2014-Feb-10 To 2014-Mar-14
No Synopsis

Goddes Of Mercy (Jin Zhen Kui, Kim Seong Ho, Li Li Hua) 2 DVD

No Synopsis


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