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Journey Of The Fortune God (Sammul Chan, Gillian Chung, He Zhuo Yan) 5 DVD

No Synopsis

  Judge Bao (Kenny Ho, Jin Chao Qun) 5 DVD

Judge Bao New (Jin Cao Qun, Kenny Ho) 6 DVD

Genre: Ancient drama
Episodes: 61
Release Year : 2008
The legendary Pao Cheng, was a much praised judge who lived during the Song dynasty. Because of his renowned fairness, he remains a powerful icon in Chinese popular culture to this day, especially for the disenfranchised who seek justice. There are many legends and stories about Bao and his witty approach to solving mysteries and tough cases. His character has been dramatized in multiple stories in literature, opera and other media. He is often portrayed with a black face and a white crescent shaped birthmark on his forehead suggesting the impartiality and uprightness of an ancient Chinese official.

Judge Bao 2010/Bao Qing Tian Qi Xia Wu Yi (Kenny Ho, Jin Chao Qun, Fan Hong Xuan) 6 DVD

No Synopsis

Judge Bao 2011/Bi Xue Dan Xin (Kenny Ho, Jin Chao Qun, Fan Hong Xuan) 6 DVD

No Synopsis

Justice Bao Arbiter Of Kaifeng Mystery/Bao Qing Tian Zhi Kai Feng Qi An (Kenny Ho,Jin Chaoqun,Wang Shasha) 5 DVD

Genre: Action Crime & Mystery Drama
Episodes: 40
Release Year Year: 2012
Arbiter of Kaifeng mystery stories connected to arbiter of loyalty unto death after the unit is divided into six "Hongzhou grudge", "Jin Union", "lost baby in mind", "gourmand fragrance floor", "three Golden Flower" , "side stream of blood Yan."

Karma Rider (Raymond Wong, Priscilla Wong, Matt Yeung) 4 DVD

Genre : Comedy, Drama
Episodes : 20
Broadcast Network : TVB
Broadcast Period : 2013-Jul-15 to 2013-Aug-09
300 years after the events of the Butterfly Lovers, in a town called Liang Zhu, Cho Yat-Chin after being saved by a mentor, becomes a constable. On his first day to report for duty, he solves a major case which leads Chief Constable Ching Ying-Hing to assign him to catch a murder suspect named Wan Tin-Bong. The case gets complex as more characters get involved.

King Maker (Wayne Lai, Kent Cheng, Natalie Tong) 5 DVD

Genre : Historical fiction
Episode : 28
Original Channel : TVB Jade
Original Run : 13 August – 15 September 2012
The series chronicles the intriguing struggles of two men who each want to have their favoured prince win control of the throne of Southern Song. In addition, threats from the neighboring Jurchen Dynasty are continuing to weaken the Song court.

King Rouge (Yang Zi, Zhao Xian Zai, Chen Xin Yan) 5 DVD

No Synopsis


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