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The Legend Of Shaolin Kungfu (Jimmy Lin, Yuen Biao, Liang Cia Ren) 9 DVD

Episode : 50
Release Date: 2009-02-16
Li Shimin (Jimmy Lin) for the country and people from untold miseries, the city of Luoyang crusade led troops; Shichong no defenders, military confrontation between the river! To achieve the purpose of Li Shimin, the rate of Qin Qiong Cheng Yaojin micro spy military service across the river; only to be Wang Renyi Suoqin.Tan cases (Yuen Biao) is a Shaolin martial arts Zongjiao Tou, Wu Gongguan absolutely martial arts, Sri Lanka, Tan were felt faint, populations everywhere, the world has been thrown into chaos, the country and people to Paul Temple, founded the "Luo Hanqi front door stick." this array by the "gossip", "Five Elements" composed of people have gathered thirteen. Twelve civilians, although a different origin, but have been troubled by the victims into an impasse. Through numerous bloody, hate the country they cherish family hatred, through into the empty net. Tan case for an early peace and harmony, will lead a disciple, risking death to sneak into the city of Luoyang, rescue Li Shimin; they are mentoring 13 people burst into the impregnable Tianlao, which authorities throughout, always terrible ... ... Tan volunteered to lead his disciples were cast Shaolin skills, climbing over the city first came to the palace, persuaded Shichong lay down their arms, Shichong stubborn, life keeps imperial guards brigade ... good shooter ... a fierce hard-fought. History shows that: without thirteen monks would not stick Tang dynasty. With one song after another Suitangyanyi Shaolin Temple, appeared one after another hero song.

The Legend Of Swordman (Nicholas Tse, Charlene Choi, Wu Ya Qiao, Kenny Kwan) 5 DVD

No Synopsis

The Legend Of White Snake (Angie Chiu, Cecilia Yip) 5 DVD

Episode : 50
The legend of white snake is a beautiful and moving folktale. It tells how the fairy maiden bai suzhen struggles against the rascally monk fa hai, the representative of the reactionary feudal forces, in her pursuit fo freedoms and happiness, reflecting the sharp conflict between the common people and feudal ruling clases. In this story we see the people's yearning for freedom and their ever-defiant stand against the oppressive forces of feudalism.

The Legend Of White Snake 2010/Bai She Hou Zhuan (Fum Lao, Qiu Xin Zhi, Liu Shi Shi) 5 DVD

Genre : Period drama, romance, supernatural
Episode : 30
Broadcast network : HTV
Broadcast Period : 2010-Jan-20 to 2010-Feb-09
In an attempt to save Lady White Snake, Qing the green snake demon stole the Purifying Vase from the heaven realm, which led to decades of drought in the human realm. While hiding herself among the humans, Qing fell in love with Bao Ren. Knowing her love from him would end badly for both them, Qing decided to leave Bao. However, her past caught up to her before she could safely get away.

The Legend Of Xi Shi (Wu Jing Jing,Steve Ma,Benny Chan) 6 DVD

Genre : History,Martial Arts
Episodes: 40
Release Year : 2012
No Synopsis

The Legendary Of Ma Zu (Liu Tao, Stephen Wong, Ruby Lin) 6 DVD

Genre: Legend, Period Drama
Episodes: 28
Broadcast Networks: Zhejiang TV
Broadcast Period: 2012-Aug
This drama reflects the lifetime achievements of Ma Zu through the incorporation of over 30 folk legends with the goal of restoring a venerable, kind and lovely image to a legendary goddess.

The Legend Of Zu (Zhao Li Ying, William Chan, Nicky Wu)

Part 1 : 2 DVD , Part 2 : 2 DVD , Part 3 : 2 DVD , Part 4 : 2 DVD , Part 5 : 3 DVD

Genre : Wuxia
Episodes : 54
Broadcast Network : iQIYi
Broadcast Period : 2015-Sep-22
No Synopsis

The Legendary Siblings 1 (Alec Su,Jimmy Lin,Vivian Chen) 5 DVD

Genre: Wuxia, romance
Episodes: 40
Release Year : 1999
Related TV series: The Proud Twins
No Synopsis

The Legendary Siblings 2 (Jimmy Lin, Li Xiao Lu, Tian Xin) 5 DVD

Episodes: 40
Broadcast network: CTS
Broadcast year: 2002
20 years ago, a swordsman who is very highly skilled in martial arts and only interested in competing with other swordsman appeared in the pugilist world. Four leaders of reputable sects died under his sword. Both Xiao Yu Er and Hua Wu Que who were by now invincible in martial arts decided to compete with him in order to restore peace. But both of them later went missing and the swordsman no longer appeared. It was rumoured that both Xiao Yuer and Hua Wu Que had sacrificed their lives for the pugilist world and had become legends. At the same time, both their sons are still in the pugilist world, but it's not known where they are.20 years later....Both sons have grown up, but what kind of people have they grown up to be? The brothers of the previous generation were enemies at first but ended up as brothers. This generation, will the 2 brothers follow their father's footsteps? Slowly, the truth will unveil.

The Lucky Star/Fu Lu Shou San Xing Bao Xi (Christopher Lee, Bobby Au Yeung, Zhang Shi) 4 DVD

Genre : Fantasy
Episode : 30
Broadcast network : MediaCorp Ch8
Broadcast Period : 2005-Dec-06 to 2006-Jan-16
he Fu(福), Lu(禄) and Shou(寿) Stars, deities of Fortune, Prosperity and Longevity save the mortal realm from the beast 'Nian' and became popular throughout the realm. Their popularity, however evokes the jealousy of the other deities and the anger of the God of Plague, who owns the beast 'Nian'.Their actions resulted in having the Jade Emperor strip the three stars of their deitic powers and banish them to be reborn in the mortal realm where they will have to complete three tasks before their 30th birthday before they can be allowed back.To protect the three, the fairy Ma Gu deguises herself as a constable and helps them out of various situations.

The Magic Blade/Tian Ya Ming Yue Dao (Wallace Chung,Zhang Meng,Baron Chen) 6 DVD

Genre: Wuxia, mystery, romance
Episodes: 40
Broadcast network: Hunan TV
Broadcast period: 2012-Jun-24 start
Twenty-four years ago, "God of Sabre" Yang Chang Feng was double-crossed and murdered by someone close to him. Now his son Fu Hong Xue, a skilled swordsman himself, sets out to avenge his father's death. During his journey, Hong Xue meets with kindness and treachery, is conflicted by love and hatred, and eventually discovers the shocking truth behind his birth.

The Master Of Taichi (Vincent Zhao, Raymond Lam, Melissa Ng) 3 DVD

Genre : Period drama, action, romance
Episode : 25
Broadcast network : TVB
Broadcast Period : 2008-Feb-25 to 2008-Mar-28
The story is set in the early 1900s and stars Vincent Zhao as a lonely orphan, who at an early age, was deserted by his family and was forced to live by himself in a forest, creating extreme hatred and prejudice against others. Eventually, he learns "tai gik" kung-fu and meets his best friend (Melissa Ng) and his rival (Raymond Lam).

The New Dewi Kwan Im (Chen Xiao Kai, Lung Rung, Chang Sung) 4 DVD

No Synopsis

The Patriot Yue Fei (Huang Xiao Ming, Gallen Lo,Wu Xiu Bo) 7 DVD

Genre : Historical Drama, War
Episodes : 72
Broadcast Network : Zhejiang TV / Anhui TV / Shandong TV / Tianjin TV
Broadcast Period : 2013 Jul 04
Yue Fei rose from lowly ranks to become a famous military commander who led the defense of Southern Song against northern Jin invaders before being wrongfully put to death by his own government. In Chinese culture even to this day, General Yue Fei's name is synonymous with the word "loyalty."

The Princess Weiyoung (Tiffany Tang, Luo Jin, Vanness Wu) 6 DVD

Genre : Period, Romance
Episodes : 54
Broadcast Network : Dragon TV, Beijing TV
Broadcast Period : 2016-Nov-11 start
The princess of Northern Liang takes on the identity of her saviour Li Weiyang to seek revenge against the people who annihilated her kingdom.

The Purple Hairpin (Raymond Lam, Michelle Ye, Tammy Chan) 5 DVD

No Synopsis

The Qin Empire (Tu Ie Lu,Wang Ce Fei, Hou Yung) 9 DVD

Genre : Historical drama
Episode : 51
Broadcast Period : 2008
2700 prior to the land of China into the heart of a flesh must fight the big fight of the world. Confucianism, Legalism, military strategists, strategists and other television news. Princes battle between Lianfeng card. Weak point of Thailand on the verge of despair, against all the odds wise Xiao of Qin, a piece of paper, "Seeking to make" big lead before the Legalist Shang Yang. Monarch and his efforts set off a revolution in the state of Qin storm, the state of Qin built a complete legal system, the Kingdom of the powerful army together. Since then, the state of Qin unified China opened the wheel of history. The hero of this storm will change the destiny of their own history into the torrent.

The Qin Empire 2 (Fu Da Long, Wang Xue Bing, Yu En Tai) 7 DVD

Episodes : 51
Release Year : 2013
Broadcast network: CCTV
Shang Yang, Qin usher in a new period. Increasingly powerful state of Qin, that the nations to fall into an extreme panic. A large number of celebrities of excellence have boarded the big stage of the Warring States, relations among the countries continue to re-shuffle. Xishou from Qin Wei into lobbying alliance of the six countries combined vertical Qin constitute encirclement. Qin into an unprecedented Great Depression.The young Qin always Jun QinHuiWen,, Wang decisive appointment of Zhang Yi. Following the the Shang Yang Xiao of Qin appointment, Qin again monarch and his hand in the ancient period of political elephants. Zhang Yi frequently shot, maneuvers, again and again to break the diplomatic deadlock and Insurance Corporation, wrote the history of China's foreign cadenza.QinHuiWen main the internal encourage farming warfare, foreign breakthrough in cross-trapped, cross-tapping interoperability, although Insurance Corporation from time to time, but the layout of engagement patchwork. East Hangu, south suppliers Yiqu expedition Basu, North service. King QinHuiWen history to produce a bright and transcripts.

The Return Of Condor Heroes 1983 (Andy Lau, Idy Chan) 5 DVD

Genre: Wuxia
Episodes: 50
Broadcast network: TVB
Broadcast year: 1983
Tokoh utama cerita ini adalah Yang Guo, putra dari Yang Kang yang dibesarkan dengan gagah berani oleh pasangan Guo Jing dan Huang Rong sebelum dia dikirim ke sekte Quanzhen supaya mendapatkan bimbingan yang lebih baik dalam moral dan ilmu kungfu. Di Quanzhen, Yang Guo cenderung disuruh-suruh dan ditindas oleh saudara perguruannya dan bahkan gurunya, Zhao Zhijing, yang berprasangka padanya dan melawannya. Yang Guo melarikan diri dan berspekulasi hingga mencapai kuburan kuno dimana sekte kuburan kuno bernaung. Dia ditolong oleh Xiao Longnu, wanita perawan misterius yang tidak diketahui dari mana asalnya, dan menjadi muridnya. Mereka tinggal bersama dalam kuburan kuno selama bertahun-tahun hingga Yang Guo tumbuh dewasa. Dengan demikian, Yang Guo memandang Xiao Longnu lebih dari sekedar guru yang ia hormati.Bagaimanapun, cinta mereka terlarang dan dianggap tabu oleh masyarakat pada jaman tersebut dan mereka dipaksa untuk menyerah atau diasingkan dari masyarakat. Sepanjang cerita, cinta mereka menemui banyak ujian dan penderitaan, seperti kesalahpahaman yang memisahkan mereka dan pertemuan dengan Gongsun Zhi di lembah tanpa harapan. Akhirnya setelah mereka bertemu kembali, Xiao Longnu meninggalkan Yang Guo lagi dan berjanji untuk menemuinya lagi 16 tahun kemudian. Sementara Yang Guo menjelajah sendirian, dia bertemu dengan banyak pesilat dan Rajawali raksasa. Petualangannya telah membentuknya secara berangsur-angsur menjadi pendekar muda nan berani yang kegagahannya cocok dengan pendekar pada umurnya. Yang Guo membantu negaranya dan melawan invasi Mongolia . Di akhir kisah, dia bertemu kembali dengan kekasihnya, Xiao Longnu, dan mereka dikenal sebagai pendekar.

The Return Of Condor Heroes 2006/New Condor Heroes (Crystal Liu, Huang Xiao Ming) 7 DVD

Genre : Wuxia, romance
Episode : 41
Broadcast network : CCTV
Broadcast Period : 2006
Adapted from the novel by Jin Yong, this is a sequel to Legend of Condor Heroes and a prequel of sorts to Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre. The story concerns the adventures of Yang Guo, an orphaned boy in a mid-13th Century China.From his humble beginnings, the street wise Yang Guo gets passed around from one prestigious master to another but none of them will teach him any martial arts. While escaping from a tortured experience under Quan Zhen Sect's Zhao Zhi Jing, he meets Xiao Long Nu, the girl who will become his martial arts master and eventually the love of his life.

The Return Of Condor Heroes 2015/The Romance Of The Condor Heroes
(Chen Xiao, Michelle Chen, Zheng Guo Lin) 6 DVD

Genre : Wuxia, Romance
Episodes: 52
Broadcast Network : Hunan TV
Broadcast Period : 2014 Dec 03 To 2015 Mar 05
The newest version of Jin Yong's "Return of the Condor Heroes" by famous director Yu Zheng. The story follows trouble-maker Yang Guo (Chen Xiao) who falls in love with his martial arts teacher, Little Dragon Girl (Michelle Chen). Their story moves along filled with adventures, betrayal, and love.

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