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War Of Desire (Zhang Han,Bai Bing,Zheng Shuang) 7 DVD

Genre: Period, romance
Episodes: 36
Broadcast network: Hunan TV
Broadcast period: 2011-Dec-17 to 2012-Jan-05
Bai Bing plays an orphan girl who danced her way into becoming an imperial consort. Although she would do anything for the love and attention of the Emperor, she secretly still longed for her first love.

Women Of The Tang Dynasty (Annie Liu, Liu Ting Yu, Kara Hui) 5 DVD

Genre : Drama
Episodes : 46
Original Channel : Hunan Satellite TV
Broadcast Year : 2013
Power struggle between the families of Li and Wu after the fall of China's only woman Emperor, Wu Ze Tian with 2 sisters, Meng Fan and Meng Fu caught in between them. Reality and survival caused rifts as both of them find themselves entangled in schemes and betrayal in the royal harem.

Wu Song (Sun Yao Qi, Kara Hui, Ken Tong, Da Ching) 5 DVD

Episodes: 50
Release Year: 2013
This is a historical martial arts legendary drama mainly tells the Honorable heroic story of Wu Song. It is adapted from one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature the Water Margin.After five years martial study in Shaolin Temple, on his way home Wu Song passes Jingyang Ridge and slayed the fierce man-eating tiger there. Wu Song makes his name for the heroic deed and he is offered the post of a chief constable in Yanggu County. By coincidence, he meets his elder brother Wu Dalang. Wu Dalang brought his brother home and introduced his wife Pan Jinlian. Pan tried to seduce the handsome Wu Song but Song did not fall for her. Later Wu Song left on official business and came back only to find his brother dead. Wu discovered that Pan Jinlian had committed adultery with Ximen Qing and they murdered his brother with poison. He confronted his sister-in-law and her lover and killed them. Then, he went to the county office to surrender himself and was exiled to Mengzhou where met Shi En. Shi treated Wu Song well and Wu Song decided to repay Shi's kindness. Wu Song confronted Jiang Meng Sen, a hooligan who took over Shi En's restaurant after beating him up. Jiang was furious after being beaten up and he ganged up with Governor Zhang to frame Wu Song. Wu Song was charged with theft and exiled again. The guards escorting him were bribed to finish him off. However, Wu Song had sensed the plot earlier and went back to Mengzhou and killed Governor Zhang and Jiang Meng Sen. Before fleeing from Mengzhou, Zhang Qing and Sun Erniang help to disguise him as a wandering Buddhist pilgrim to aid his escape. Wu Song went to Erlong Mountain to join Lu Zhishen, and later joined the heroes band after the battle of Qingzhou. He became one of the leaders of the heroes band. Wu Song followed the heroes band on their campaigns against the Imperial Army, Liao Tartars and southern rebels, making great contributions.

Xia Yin Ji (Vincent Jiao, Wang Zhao Jun, Shui Hu Zhuan) 5 DVD

Episode : 33
Release Date:2011-03-02
Ming apocalyptic years, a traitor in power, people in deep water. Donglin desire to eradicate sin Huan, Daughter of the tragic disaster, the critical moment to bring faithful servant Masha Ji Young patrons Jen is willing to escape from dangerous places. Did not want to, but because of Ren-two who is willing to carry the terrible secret into even greater crisis. Way line, suffering heavy, Credit goes to good people after the martial arts myself Yang Dong sunny, flower aunt, who help solve the problem, escaped the murderous step. Hunt master and servant of God, two machine operators killer YE impact long-term blinded by the traitor, blind loyalty to the court, an unknown evil, Wang Sha innocent. In the kill process, YE shadow and Masha Qi, Ren-ready, Yang Dong Qing and others from the evil to the acquaintance with the final sentiment for the truth, the road toward a just, complete loyal wishes to eradicate the official sin.

Young Heroes (Shi Xiao Long,Bai Jing,Sun Yi Ming) 6 DVD

No Synopsis

Young Sherlock (Bosco Wong, Ruby Lin, Yuan Hong) 5 DVD

Genre : Period Drama, Mystery
Episodes : 40
Broadcast Network : ZJTV
Broadcast Period : 2014-Jun-04
At the height of Tang dynasty, a young man named Di Ren Jie went to the capital to take an imperial examination. During the test, he stopped an assassination attempt against Empress Wu's life. Seeing his bravery and quick thinking, the empress ordered him to investigate the incident.


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