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A Happy Life (Mu Ting Ting, Benny Chan, Patrick Tam) 7 DVD

No Synopsis

A Legend Of Chinese Immortal/8 Dewa {Fantasy, Romance} (Zhang Dian Fei, Lee Tsung Han) 7 DVD

Episodes : 56
Date Aired : October 5, 2014
Silver Dai and Dongbin married, after silver Dongbin died to save Dai, Dai silver snow sister Joan retaliation Dongbin, constantly creating scourge, fortunately Lu individually resolved. Dongbin Caine heart aspirant, finally got Han Chung attunement immortal. Dongbin sword back to earth, the incarnation of "Swordsman", secretly protecting Cao Cao Christine Friends and two brothers. Cao Friends of Joan framed by snow, becoming the court to apprehend fugitives. Critical moment, Cao Cao Friends of Christine sacrifice their lives to save, Lu his degree of immortality. He Yuexian and son Seifu, pine separated after eighteen years at the reunion, Joan snow Qingfeng was confused and Yuet Sin Canossian refused to recognize, and framed his brother. In Dongbin's help, Seifu mending their ways, but in order to save son Yuet Sin Canossian sacrifice themselves to the degree of immortality. Joan rein in the snow along the Eight Immortals, but also peace and harmony. Eight Immortals via the East China Sea, and Dragon Third Prince unexpectedly from the conflict. Thus, the Eight Immortals, recount the legend prelude.

A Legend Of Shaolin Kungfu 3 (Bao Gua An, Hong Jin Bao) 8 DVD

Release Date: 2011-03-02
Legend of Shaolin Kung Fu 3 begins with the Kangxi Emperor meeting with the Shaolin abbot (Bao Guoan), who then dispatches seven disciples to go on a dangerous mission: they are to escort three imperial envoys and a mysterious box to the Western Frontier. On their treacherous journey across the vast deserts in northwestern China, the Shaolin warrior monks are met with a host of killers targeting the box, including the henchmen of the crown prince and the forces of anti-Qing rebels led by Wan Shoushan (Sammo Hung)...

All Men Are Brother/Water Margin 2011 ( Zhang Han Yu, Li Zong Han, Zhang Tie Lin) 12 DVD

Genre : Costume drama, martial arts
Episode : 86
Broadcast network : Shandong TV
Broadcast Period : January 2011
Toward the end of Northern Song Dynasty, the government was deeply corrupted, and the oppressed citizens finally rebelled. A hundred and eight men and women fought against the government and took their last stand in a place called Liangshan.

Allure Snow/Qing Cheng Xue (Du Chun,Dong Jie, Zhang Jia Ni) 4 DVD

Genre: Romance, period drama
Episodes: 50
Broadcast network: Anhui TV, Shenzhen TV, Jiangsu TV, Tianjin TV
Broadcast period: 2012-Nov-12 start
Ming Dynasty Jiangnan two embroidery home battle between the two young love and hate. Home Jiang and Hangzhou home Suzhou two embroidery large, for the emperor sewing Huang Pao, due to the competitive relationship between the two relations is the face and the heart. Hang the eldest son of Hang Jing Feng has been quietly in love with the river thousands of Jinjiang Jia Yuan, but because of the relationship of the family, can not declare. Gave birth to an illegitimate child Xu Hang Jing Feng's father years ago and the mother of Jiang Jia Yuan Touhuan hate, yet the blame on Jiang Jia Yuan's father. Xu to hate by uncle Xufu with large, Xu Fu Xu hate justice vowing, with Xu hate came to Suzhou, home Jiang made ​​the ruin and death while in the Xu Fu, Jiang Jia Yuan and Xu hate sincere love, Jia Yuan Huai on Xu hate the flesh. At this time, Xu Fu told Xu hate siblings and Ka Yuan Xu hate accidentally killed Xu Fu, and are thus imprisonment. Jia Yuan with Xu hate son struggling to live, then met a third man in her life - a wife of Lingnan wealthy, he will incorporate it into a partial room. His wife was initially unable to accept Jia Yuan, but eventually Jia Yuan sincerity moved deathbed, agreed to Jia Yuan righting, and the two married the night, the Xu hate the very abjection back, telling Jia Yuan they is not pro-brother and sister ......

Arrows On The Bowstring (Jiang Xin, He Ming Han, Pan Zhi Lin) 7 DVD

No Synopsis

Bao Sang U Wai Cuan (Li Qi Hong, Benny Chen, Yu Bu, Xie Li Jin) 6 DVD

No Synopsis

Battle Of The Beauty (Damian Lau,Hu Jing,Baron Chen) 5 DVD

Genre: Period (Minguo) drama, family
Episodes: 26
Broadcast network: Hunan TV
Broadcast period: 2012-Apr-23 to 2012-May-07
This period drama explores Master Su's mysterious death and the love lives of his 5 wives.

Beauties Of The Emperor (Ming Dao, Chen Qiao En, Jiang Yi Yi) 5 DVD

Genre: Historical Drama, Romance
Episodes : 35
Broadcast Networks: Zhejiang TV, Shenzhen TV, Shanxi TV
Broadcast Period : 2012-Dec-07
No Synopsis

Beauty At War (Sheren Tang, Ada Choi, Moses Chan, Christine Ng) 5 DVD

Genre : Period drama
Episode : 30
Original Channel : TVB Jade, HD Jade
Original Run : 22 April – 31 May 2013
No Synopsis

Beyond The Realm Of Conscience (Charmaine Sheh,Tavia Yeung,Moses Chan,Kevin Cheng) 6 DVD

Genre : Period, romance
Episode : 31
Broadcast network : TVB
Broadcast Period : 2009-Oct-19 to 2009-Nov-29
Imperial Household Bureau is responsible for managing and directing all household services to the Emperor and the Imperial family in Tong Dynasty. It is comprised of four departments, namely Jewels, Attire, Food and Furnishings. LAU SAM HO (Charmaine Sheh) and YIU KAM LING (Tavia Yeung) are introduced into the bureau in their tender age and brought up in the disciplines of the palace. The two girls are diligent. YUEN TSUI WAN (Susanna Kwan), Head of the Jewels, and CHUNG SUET HA (Michelle Yim), Head of the Attire, are both very fond of HO for she is a kind-hearted young girl. Soon, they start fighting for the fellowship of HO.

Bodhisatva Dewi Seribu Tangan 3 DVD

Episode : 20
No Synopsis

Bodyguard Jade Doll (Chi Yi Dong, Sun Quan, Xu Xi Yan) 5 DVD

Genre: Action / Martial Arts
Episode: 30
Release Date : 2013-1-27
No Synopsis

Brave Heart & Loyal Soul/Shui Hu Qian Chuan Zhi Yi Hong Hun (Wei Trace,Zhong Wu Dai) 4 DVD

No Synopsis

Butong 1 (Monica Chan,Norman Tsui,Vincent Jiao) 4 DVD

No Synopsis

Butong 2 (Monica Chan, Norman Tsui, Vincent Jiao) 4 DVD

Episode : 30
Zhang San-feng Tai Chi thirteen-style reputed dead, the pack gathered in Wudang martial arts. Twelve Girls Band to come to Western challenges, Mitutoyo forced shot. Genghis Khan coming to a decision by former Wudang Chuan's "Zen Xue golden sword" in the cache of a treasure map, infighting between the Mu consort Chengluan be cheated. In the Shaolin Temple, Chang-polar, two young Korean Yishan unsuccessful applying for trainee monks, monks was grasshoppers and other fancy, with its mixed Quanzhen on Wudang Mountain, to explore the mystery of Zhang San Feng unbeaten. In several years, no chivalrous far as the eye beam Wudang style, can not help but admire; Yishan has dealings with Grasshopper calumny, so Promise into a virtue and a dilemma. Ms Wang Jun Zhu, Zhu E unruly willful, unauthorized entry Shennongjia, suffered savage; crisis, was rescued Promise. Suffered false alarm, the Sheriff actually moving the truth of non-polar, but non-polar love swordsmith coldest Tong, Tong like Hustler can coldest SPL. Yishan this quite jealous, to be provocative ...


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